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Clean-up Buckets are hybrid buckets with the ditch clean, grading and other finishing capabilities of a Ditch Cleaning bucket and the carrying capacity of a General Duty Bucket.

439-7303 1500mm (60in)60 in1.62 yd³1698 lbVIEW
439-7298 1500mm (60in)60 in1.33 yd³1389 lbVIEW
439-7308 1800mm (72in)72 in2.09 yd³2158 lbVIEW
439-7323 1800mm (72in)72 in3.24 yd³3184 lbVIEW
439-7314 1800mm (72in)72 in2.37 yd³2527 lbVIEW
439-7330_2000mm_78in78 in3.66 yd³4822 lbVIEW

Digging Buckets - Mini Excavator

These buckets are ideal for utility trenching, general excavating and back-filling in soft to moderate ground.

ModelWidthRated CapacityWeight
bcp_147-1014_230 mm (9 in)9.1 in0.6 ft³64.7 yd³VIEW
bcp_176-7283_260 mm (10 in)10.2 in1.2 ft³112.2 yd³VIEW
bcp_396-9302_260 mm (10 in)10.2 in0.97 ft³103.3 lbVIEW
bcp_396-9303_300 mm (12 in)11.8 in1.21 ft³100.6 yd³VIEW
bcp_147-1018_300 mm (12 in)11.8 in0.8 ft³68.5 lbVIEW
bcp_153-7851_300 mm (12 in)11.8 in1.4 ft³111.3 yd³VIEW
bcp_396-9304_400 mm (16 in)15.7 in1.59 ft³111 yd³VIEW
bcp_153-7854_400 mm (16 in)15.7 in1.9 ft³121.3 lbVIEW
bcp_147-1020_400 mm (16 in)15.7 in1.2 ft³77.9 yd³VIEW
bcp_396-9305_460 mm (18 in)18.1 in1.89 ft³118.7 yd³VIEW
bcp_190-7387_460 mm (18 in)18.1 in1.4 ft³83.4 yd³VIEW
bcp_190-7390_460 mm (18 in)18.1 in2.3 ft³130.3 lbVIEW
bcp_147-1023_500 mm (20 in)19.7 in1.6 ft³90.2 yd³VIEW
bcp_153-7857_500 mm (20 in)19.7 in2.6 ft³140.2 lbVIEW
bcp_396-9306_500 mm (20 in)19.7 in2.11 ft³129 yd³VIEW
bcp_396-9307_600 mm (24 in)23.6 in2.69 ft³142.7 yd³VIEW
bcp_153-7860_600 mm (24 in)23.6 in3.2 ft³155.4 lbVIEW
bcp_147-1026_600 mm (24 in)23.6 in2 ft³100.2 lbVIEW
bcp_396-9308_700 mm (28 in)27.6 in3.25 ft³156.3 yd³VIEW

Ditch Cleaning

These buckets are designed for cleaning ditches, sloping, grading and other finish work. Their shallow depth and compact size make working in confined areas easier. Drainage holes allow liquid to empty so material dumps more easily. Tilt Buckets feature a full 45° of tilt in each direction, powered by two double-acting cylinders.

ModelWidthCapacityTooth Count
439-7336_1200mm_48in48 in0.74 yd³0VIEW
ModelWidthCapacityTooth Style
441-6084_1500mm_60in60 in1.32 yd³Bolt-on cutting edgeVIEW
ModelWidthCapacityTooth Count
439-7338_1500mm_60in60 in0.97 yd³0VIEW
456-2089_1500mm_60in60 in1.22 yd³0VIEW
ModelWidthCapacityTooth Style
439-7351_1500mm_60in60 in1.61 yd³Bolt-on cutting edgeVIEW
439-7353_1800mm_72in72 in1.99 yd³Bolt-on cutting edgeVIEW
439-7357_1800mm_72in72 in2.57 yd³Bolt-on cutting edgeVIEW
ModelWidthCapacityTooth Count
456-2090_1800mm_72in72 in1.49 yd³0VIEW

Ditch Cleaning Buckets - Mini Excavator

Ditch Cleaning Buckets for Cat® Mini Excavators are ideal for cleaning wide trenches, loading materials, slope cutting, grading and finishing work in construction, landscaping and road maintenance applications.

ModelWidthRated CapacityWeight
bcp_279-4322_1000 mm (40 in)39.4 in4.8 ft³240.1 lbVIEW
bcp_279-4326_1000 mm (40 in)39.4 in6 ft³258.6 lbVIEW
bcp_153-7865_1000 mm (40 in)39.4 in3.6 ft³172.4 lbVIEW
bcp_147-1031_1000 mm (40 in)39.4 in2 ft³93.7 lbVIEW
bcp_153-7867_1200 mm (47 in)47.2 in4.1 ft³193.3 lbVIEW
bcp_279-4323_1200 mm (47 in)47.2 in5.9 ft³235.7 lbVIEW
bcp_306-5664_1219 mm (48 in)48 in11.61 ft³477.1 lbVIEW
bcp_279-4327_1300 mm (51 in)51.2 in7.8 ft³260.6 lbVIEW
bcp_306-5662_1372 mm (54 in)54 in13.2 ft³517 lbVIEW
bcp_282-9315_1400 mm (55 in)55.1 in6.96 ft³259.3 lbVIEW
bcp_306-5660_1524 mm (60 in)60 in14.85 ft³557.1 lbVIEW
bcp_279-4328_1600 mm (63 in)63 in9.9 ft³306.7 lbVIEW
bcp_153-7863_800 mm (32 in)31.5 in2.8 ft³179.5 lbVIEW
bcp_147-1029_800 mm (32 in)31.5 in1.5 ft³89.3 lbVIEW

Extreme Duty

Cat® Extreme Duty buckets are armored inside and out to withstand the wear and tear associated with hard digging conditions. They are ideally suited for working in broken slag, sandstone, granite and ore – keeping you on the job and making money.

ModelWidthCapacityTooth Count
345-3243_1250mm_49in49 in2.09 yd³4VIEW
345-3244_1400mm_55in55 in2.44 yd³4VIEW
384-8343_1700mm_67in67 in3.16 yd³4VIEW
365-4008_1900mm_75in75 in5.05 yd³4VIEW
339-4491_2000mm_79in79 in5.72 yd³4VIEW
339-4493_2090mm_82in82 in6.5 yd³4VIEW
339-4494_2090mm_82in82 in6.5 yd³4VIEW
339-4492_2100mm_83in83 in6.07 yd³4VIEW

General Duty

Cat® General Duty Buckets for excavators are designed to move large amounts of low-abrasion material, perfect for production-loading dirt, loam and a mixture of dirt and fine gravel. With pin-on and quick coupler compatible versions available, there are a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

ModelWidthCapacityTooth Count
397-8624_1050mm_42in42 in1 yd³5VIEW
394-8509_1050mm_42in42 in1 yd³5VIEW
353-1578_1050mm_42in42 in1 yd³5VIEW
347-6798_1050mm_42in42 in1.52 yd³5VIEW
377-0222_1050mm_42in42 in1.12 yd³8VIEW
342-2189_1050mm_42in42 in1.91 yd³5VIEW
377-5399_1050mm_42in42 in1.52 yd³6VIEW
346-0840_1050mm_42in Capacity, lifteye42 in1.75 yd³5VIEW
345-3186_1050mm_42in Capacity, lifteye42 in1.98 yd³4VIEW
346-0954_1050mm_42in Wide Tip42 in1.75 yd³5VIEW
387-5719_1100mm_43in43 in1.03 yd³4VIEW
385-5648_1100mm_43in43 in0.89 yd³6VIEW
342-2297_1100mm_44in Wide Tip44 in1.91 yd³5VIEW
388-9590_1200mm_48in48 in1.31 yd³5VIEW
385-5649_1200mm_48in48 in1 yd³6VIEW
347-6799_1200mm_48in48 in1.8 yd³6VIEW
377-5400_1200mm_48in48 in1.8 yd³7VIEW
373-3779_1200mm_48in48 in1.19 yd³6VIEW
342-2190_1200mm_48in48 in2.26 yd³5VIEW
358-8621_1200mm_48in48 in1 yd³7VIEW
353-1579_1200mm_48in48 in1.19 yd³6VIEW
387-5720_1200mm_48in48 in1.19 yd³5VIEW
377-0223_1200mm_48in48 in1.33 yd³9VIEW
422-6976_1200mm_48in48 in1.56 yd³5VIEW
345-3187_1200mm_48in Capacity, lifteye48 in2.36 yd³5VIEW
346-0841_1200mm_48in Capacity, lifteye48 in2.07 yd³6VIEW
346-0955_1200mm_48in Wide Tip48 in2.07 yd³6VIEW
342-2298_1250mm_50in Wide Tip50 in2.26 yd³5VIEW
389-0254_1300mm_51in51 in1.43 yd³5VIEW
331-1221_1350mm_54in54 in3.98 yd³4VIEW
345-3260_1350mm_54in Wide Tip54 in2.9 yd³6VIEW
342-2191_1350mm_54in54 in2.62 yd³6VIEW
347-6800_1350mm_54in54 in2.08 yd³7VIEW
377-5401_1350mm_54in54 in2.08 yd³8VIEW
345-3188_1350mm_54in Capacity, lifteye54 in2.74 yd³5VIEW
346-0842_1350mm_54in Capacity, lifteye54 in2.4 yd³7VIEW
346-0956_1350mm_54in Wide Tip54 in2.4 yd³7VIEW
388-9591_1400mm_55in55 in1.54 yd³5VIEW
387-5723_1400mm_55in55 in1.43 yd³5VIEW
422-6978_1400mm_55in55 in1.87 yd³6VIEW
342-2299_1400mm_56in Wide Tip56 in2.62 yd³6VIEW
342-2192_1500mm_60in60 in2.98 yd³7VIEW
456-1399_1500mm_60in60 in2.44 yd³5VIEW
345-3189_1500mm_60in Capacity, lifteye60 in3.13 yd³6VIEW
345-3261_1500mm_60in Wide Tip60 in3.29 yd³6VIEW
342-2300_1550mm_62in Wide Tip62 in2.98 yd³7VIEW
331-1222_1650mm_66in66 in5.14 yd³4VIEW
342-2193_1650mm_66in66 in3.33 yd³7VIEW
345-3262_1650mm_66in Wide Tip66 in3.68 yd³7VIEW
345-3190_1700mm_68in Capacity, lifteye68 in3.64 yd³7VIEW
345-3263_1800mm_72in Wide Tip72 in4.07 yd³7VIEW
345-3191_1850mm_74in Capacity, lifteye74 in4.04 yd³7VIEW
331-1224_1900mm_75in75 in5.98 yd³5VIEW
302-8992_1900mm_75in75 in5.05 yd³5VIEW
345-3264_1950mm_78in Wide Tip78 in4.46 yd³8VIEW
329-2056_2000mm_79in79 in5.96 yd³5VIEW
331-1225_2000mm_79in High Capacity79 in6.91 yd³5VIEW
345-3200_2000mm_80in High Capacity80 in5 yd³7VIEW
331-1226_2200mm_87in High Capacity87 in7.95 yd³6VIEW
331-1234_2300mm_91in91 in7.43 yd³6VIEW
331-1235_2420mm_95in95 in7.89 yd³6VIEW
331-1236_2575mm_101in101 in8.48 yd³6VIEW
377-0219_450mm_18in18 in0.35 yd³4VIEW
358-8610_450mm_18in18 in0.27 yd³3VIEW
358-8661_500mm_20in CW-20s20 in0.31 yd³3VIEW
377-5396_600mm_24in24 in0.72 yd³3VIEW
377-0220_600mm_24in24 in0.54 yd³5VIEW
358-8612_600mm_24in24 in0.4 yd³4VIEW
388-9586_600mm_24in24 in0.54 yd³3VIEW
353-1575_600mm_24in24 in0.46 yd³3VIEW
347-6795_600mm_24in24 in0.72 yd³3VIEW
346-0837_600mm_24in Capacity, lifteye24 in0.83 yd³3VIEW
346-0951_600mm_24in Wide Tip24 in0.83 yd³3VIEW
347-6796_750mm_30in30 in0.98 yd³4VIEW
377-5397_750mm_30in30 in0.98 yd³4VIEW
358-8614_750mm_30in30 in0.54 yd³5VIEW
342-2187_750mm_30in30 in1.23 yd³3VIEW
353-1576_750mm_30in30 in0.64 yd³4VIEW
388-9587_750mm_30in30 in0.73 yd³3VIEW
345-3184_750mm_30in Capacity, lifteye30 in1.24 yd³3VIEW
346-0838_750mm_30in Capacity, lifteye30 in1.13 yd³4VIEW
346-0952_750mm_30in Wide Tip30 in1.13 yd³4VIEW
342-2295_800mm_32in Wide Tip32 in1.54 yd³3VIEW
342-2188_900mm_36in36 in1.56 yd³4VIEW
377-0221_900mm_36in36 in0.92 yd³7VIEW
377-5398_900mm_36in36 in1.24 yd³5VIEW
347-6797_900mm_36in36 in1.24 yd³5VIEW
394-8508_900mm_36in36 in0.81 yd³4VIEW
358-8616_900mm_36in36 in0.69 yd³6VIEW
353-1577_900mm_36in36 in0.81 yd³5VIEW
346-0839_900mm_36in Capacity, lifteye36 in1.43 yd³5VIEW
345-3185_900mm_36in Capacity, lifteye36 in1.6 yd³4VIEW
346-0953_900mm_36in Wide Tip36 in1.43 yd³5VIEW
345-3259_900mm_36in Wide Tip36 in1.77 yd³4VIEW
342-2296_950mm_38in Wide Tip38 in1.95 yd³4VIEW

Grading Buckets - Mini Excavator

Grading Buckets for Cat® Mini Excavators are designed to provide optimum grading, trenching, slope-cutting and finishing work in addition to nesting additional buckets for ease of transportation.

ModelWidthRated CapacityWeight
bcp_388-9661_1000 mm (39 in)39.4 in3.11 ft³128.3 lbVIEW
bcp_388-9662_1000 mm (39 in)39.4 in6.11 ft³181.4 lbVIEW
bcp_388-9663_1200 mm (47 in)47.2 in8.19 ft³380.9 lbVIEW
bcp_388-9664_1200 mm (47 in)47.2 in9.18 ft³410.6 lbVIEW
bcp_388-9666_1200 mm (47 in)47.2 in14.5 ft³615.2 lbVIEW
bcp_388-9667_1500 mm (59 in)59.1 in18.4 ft³761.8 lbVIEW
bcp_388-9665_1500 mm (59 in)59.1 in11.65 ft³491.4 lbVIEW

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Buckets are designed to rapidly move a broad range of materials like mixed dirt, clay and rock with a balance of performance and durability so you get more done in less time. Engineered with optimized bucket shape and angles to promote efficient penetration and material flow…saving you time and, more importantly, fuel costs. No matter if you pin your buckets directly to your machine, use a quick coupler to add versatility to your job portfolio, or you need the added penetration of a Heavy Duty Power Bucket, Caterpillar has you covered. Use the bucket engineered specifically for your Cat Excavator to get the best digging and loading results. Contact your dealer to learn more.

ModelWidthCapacityTooth Count
342-2203_1050mm_42in42 in1.54 yd³4VIEW
396-4199_1050mm_42in42 in1 yd³5VIEW
347-6730_1050mm_42in42 in1.31 yd³5VIEW
346-0856_1050mm_42in42 in1.46 yd³5VIEW
345-3203_1050mm_42in42 in1.34 yd³4VIEW
423-2042_1050mm_42in PGP42 in1.42 yd³5VIEW
347-6820_1050mm_42in PGP42 in1.22 yd³5VIEW
356-4387_1050mm_42in PGP42 in1.42 yd³4VIEW
347-6808_1050mm_42in Power42 in1.26 yd³5VIEW
346-0871_1050mm_42in Power42 in1.47 yd³5VIEW
417-2672_1100mm_43in43 in1.09 yd³4VIEW
417-2673_1200mm_48in48 in1.31 yd³5VIEW
331-1906_1200mm_48in48 in1.74 yd³5VIEW
396-4200_1200mm_48in48 in1.19 yd³6VIEW
345-3204_1200mm_48in48 in1.6 yd³5VIEW
332-4840_1200mm_48in48 in1.84 yd³5VIEW
347-6731_1200mm_48in48 in1.56 yd³6VIEW
347-6821_1200mm_48in PGP48 in1.45 yd³6VIEW
ModelWidthTooth CountWeight
356-4388_1200mm_48in PGP48 in33038 lbVIEW
ModelWidthCapacityTooth Count
346-0964_1200mm_48in PGP48 in1.68 yd³5VIEW
345-3265_1200mm_48in PGP48 in1.49 yd³5VIEW
342-2226_1200mm_48in Power48 in1.83 yd³5VIEW
346-0872_1200mm_48in Power48 in1.73 yd³5VIEW
347-6809_1200mm_48in Power48 in1.49 yd³6VIEW
329-2059_1220mm_48in48 in2.9 yd³3VIEW
347-6817_600mm_24in PGP24 in0.57 yd³3VIEW
345-3205_1350mm_54in54 in1.87 yd³5VIEW
331-1907_1350mm_54in54 in2.02 yd³6VIEW
342-2204_1350mm_54in54 in2.14 yd³5VIEW
347-6732_1350mm_54in54 in1.81 yd³7VIEW
346-0873_1350mm_54in Power54 in2.01 yd³6VIEW
345-3266_1350mm_54in CW-5554 in1.74 yd³5VIEW
346-0965_1350mm_54in PGP54 in1.94 yd³6VIEW
356-4389_1350mm_54in PGP54 in1.97 yd³5VIEW
347-6822_1350mm_54in PGP54 in1.67 yd³7VIEW
342-2227_1350mm_54in Power54 in2.13 yd³5VIEW
345-3267_1500mm_60in60 in1.98 yd³6VIEW
345-3206_1500mm_60in60 in2.14 yd³6VIEW
342-2205_1500mm_60in60 in2.46 yd³6VIEW
346-0859_1500mm_60in60 in2.3 yd³7VIEW
356-4390_1500mm_60in PGP60 in2.25 yd³6VIEW
346-0966_1500mm_60in PGP60 in2.21 yd³7VIEW
342-2228_1500mm_60in Power60 in2.43 yd³6VIEW
345-3207_1650mm_66in66 in2.41 yd³7VIEW
345-3268_1650mm_66in66 in2.23 yd³7VIEW
346-0860_1650mm_66in66 in2.58 yd³7VIEW
342-2206_1650mm_66in66 in2.77 yd³7VIEW
356-4391_1650mm_66in PGP66 in2.52 yd³7VIEW
329-2060_1700mm_66in66 in4.34 yd³4VIEW
345-3208_1800mm_72in72 in3.52 yd³7VIEW
342-2207_1800mm_72in72 in3.08 yd³7VIEW
332-4900_1850mm_73in73 in3.21 yd³4VIEW
345-3269_1850mm_74in74 in2.56 yd³7VIEW
329-2061_1900mm_75in75 in5.05 yd³5VIEW
345-3284_1950mm_77in77 in3.43 yd³5VIEW
347-6727_600mm_24in24 in0.61 yd³3VIEW
346-0853_600mm_24in24 in0.68 yd³3VIEW
396-4196_600mm_24in24 in0.46 yd³3VIEW
444-0310_610mm_24in PGP24 in0.73 yd³3VIEW
346-0854_750mm_30in30 in0.93 yd³3VIEW
347-6728_750mm_30in30 in0.84 yd³4VIEW
396-4197_750mm_30in30 in0.64 yd³4VIEW
342-2201_750mm_30in30 in0.95 yd³3VIEW
346-0963_750mm_30in PGP30 in0.91 yd³3VIEW
347-6818_750mm_30in PGP30 in0.79 yd³4VIEW
347-6729_900mm_36in36 in1.06 yd³5VIEW
342-2202_900mm_36in36 in1.24 yd³4VIEW
346-0855_900mm_36in36 in1.19 yd³4VIEW
396-4198_900mm_36in36 in0.81 yd³5VIEW
417-2671_900mm_36in36 in0.92 yd³4VIEW
356-4386_900mm_36in PGP36 in1.14 yd³4VIEW
347-6819_900mm_36in PGP36 in1 yd³5VIEW
347-6807_900mm_36in Power36 in1.03 yd³5VIEW
342-2225_900mm_36in Power36 in1.24 yd³4VIEW

Heavy Duty Buckets - Mini Excavator

Heavy Duty Buckets for Cat® Mini Hydraulic Excavators are designed for maximum performance and value over a broad range of applications in abrasive applications such as mixed dirt, clay, and rock.

ModelWidthRated CapacityWeight
bcp_464-9907_305 mm (12 in)12 in2.1 ft³156.5 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9900_305 mm (12 in)12 in1.7 ft³143.3 lbVIEW
bcp_305-6813_330 mm (13 in)13 in3.5 ft³299.8 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9901_406 mm (16 in)16 in2.5 ft³163.1 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9908_406 mm (16 in)16 in2.7 ft³174.2 lbVIEW
bcp_295-5951_457 mm (18 in)18 in5.3 ft³332.9 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9909_457 mm (18 in)18 in3.1 ft³194 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9902_457 mm (18 in)18 in2.9 ft³180.8 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9910_508 mm (20 in)20 in3.6 ft³207.2 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9903_508 mm (20 in)20 in3.3 ft³191.8 lbVIEW
bcp_295-5952_610 mm (24 in)24 in8.1 ft³392.4 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9904_619 mm (24 in)24.4 in4.2 ft³216.1 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9911_619 mm (24 in)24.4 in4.6 ft³233.7 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9905_762 mm (30 in)30 in5.6 ft³257.9 lbVIEW
bcp_295-5953_762 mm (30 in)30 in10.9 ft³456.4 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9912_762 mm (30 in)30 in6.1 ft³280 lbVIEW
bcp_303-1323_914 mm (36 in)36 in7.6 ft³324.7 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9906_914 mm (36 in)36 in7.1 ft³293.2 lbVIEW
bcp_295-5954_914 mm (36 in)36 in13.7 ft³507.1 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9913_914 mm (36 in)36 in7.8 ft³321.9 lbVIEW

Heavy Duty Capacity Buckets - Mini Excavator

Designed to optimize the performance of the Cat® Mini Hydraulic Excavator in a wide variety of applications and materials. Heavy Duty Capacity Buckets are well suited for moving large quantities of material, such as during truck loading applications and are capable of moving greater volumes of material than the Heavy Duty Buckets. These buckets are machine-specific and are not interchangeable between machine model sizes.

ModelWidthRated CapacityWeight
bcp_464-9914_305 mm (12 in)12 in2.9 ft³185.2 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9915_406 mm (16 in)16 in3.7 ft³205 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9916_457 mm (18 in)18 in4.4 ft³227.1 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9917_508 mm (20 in)20 in5.1 ft³240.3 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9918_619 mm (24 in)24.4 in6.4 ft³271.2 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9919_762 mm (30 in)30 in8.5 ft³321.9 lbVIEW
bcp_464-9920_914 mm (36 in)36 in10.6 ft³368.2 lbVIEW

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets - Mini Excavator

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets for Cat® Mini Excavators are built for aggressive bucket loading in highly abrasive applications such as severe rock.

ModelWidthRated CapacityWeight
bcp_295-5970_610 mm (24 in)24 in8.1 ft³427.7 lbVIEW
bcp_295-5971_762 mm (30 in)30 in10.9 ft³491.6 lbVIEW

Severe Duty

Severe Duty Buckets are designed to rapidly move a broad range of materials like mixed dirt, clay and rock with a balance of performance and durability so you get more done in less time. Engineered with optimized bucket shape and angles to promote efficient penetration and material flow…saving you time and, more importantly, fuel costs. No matter if you pin your buckets directly to your machine, use a quick coupler to add versatility to your job portfolio, or you need the added penetration of a Heavy Duty Power Bucket, Caterpillar has you covered. Use the bucket engineered specifically for your Cat Excavator to get the best digging and loading results. Contact your dealer to learn more.

ModelWidthCapacityTooth Count
329-2064_1100mm_43in43 in2.54 yd³3VIEW
353-1588_1050mm_42in42 in1 yd³5VIEW
346-0880_1050mm_42in42 in1.46 yd³5VIEW
345-3223_1050mm_42in42 in1.75 yd³4VIEW
342-2235_1050mm_42in42 in1.54 yd³4VIEW
347-6750_1050mm_42in42 in1.31 yd³5VIEW
358-8641_1050mm_42in42 in0.84 yd³5VIEW
376-9106_1050mm_42in Pingrabber Performance42 in0.92 yd³5VIEW
396-7584_1050mm_42in42 in1 yd³5VIEW
346-0969_1050mm_42in Pingrabber Performance42 in1.42 yd³5VIEW
331-1230_1100mm_43in43 in3.01 yd³3VIEW
345-3224_1200mm_48in48 in2.09 yd³5VIEW
353-1590_1200mm_48in48 in1.19 yd³6VIEW
342-2236_1200mm_48in48 in1.84 yd³5VIEW
346-0881_1200mm_48in48 in1.74 yd³5VIEW
347-6751_1200mm_48in48 in1.56 yd³6VIEW
356-4394_1200mm_48in Pingrabber Performance48 in1.69 yd³5VIEW
346-0970_1200mm_48in Pingrabber Performance48 in1.68 yd³5VIEW
376-9107_1200mm_48in Pingrabber Performance48 in1.09 yd³6VIEW
331-1231_1350mm_54in54 in3.98 yd³4VIEW
342-2237_1350mm_54in54 in2.14 yd³5VIEW
356-4395_1350mm_54in Pingrabber Performance54 in1.97 yd³5VIEW
345-3225_1400mm_55in55 in2.44 yd³4VIEW
345-3287_1450mm_58in58 in3.13 yd³4VIEW
329-2065_1525mm_60in60 in3.85 yd³4VIEW
345-3226_1550mm_61in61 in2.8 yd³5VIEW
331-1232_1650mm_66in66 in5.14 yd³4VIEW
329-2066_1700mm_66in66 in4.34 yd³4VIEW
345-3227_1700mm_67in67 in3.16 yd³5VIEW
345-3290_1850mm_73in73 in4.2 yd³K130VIEW
345-3228_1850mm_74in74 in3.52 yd³6VIEW
329-2003_1900mm_75in75 in5.38 yd³4VIEW
331-1233_1900mm_75in75 in5.98 yd³5VIEW
329-2067_1900mm_75in75 in5.05 yd³5VIEW
331-1245_1960mm_77in77 in6.03 yd³4VIEW
329-2004_2000mm_79in79 in5.72 yd³4VIEW
331-1246_2220mm_87in87 in7.08 yd³4VIEW
347-6747_600mm_24in24 in0.61 yd³3VIEW
358-8638_600mm_24in24 in0.4 yd³3VIEW
346-0877_600mm_24in24 in0.68 yd³3VIEW
353-1585_600mm_24in24 in0.46 yd³3VIEW
346-0967_600mm_24in Pingrabber Performance24 in0.66 yd³3VIEW
342-2233_750mm_30in30 in0.95 yd³3VIEW
347-6748_750mm_30in30 in0.84 yd³4VIEW
358-8639_750mm_30in30 in0.54 yd³4VIEW
346-0878_750mm_30in30 in0.93 yd³3VIEW
345-3229_750mm_30in30 in1.15 yd³3VIEW
353-1586_750mm_30in30 in0.64 yd³4VIEW
356-4392_750mm_30in Pingrabber Performance30 in0.88 yd³3VIEW
396-7579_900mm_36in36 in0.81 yd³5VIEW
342-2234_900mm_36in36 in1.24 yd³4VIEW
353-1587_900mm_36in36 in0.81 yd³5VIEW
347-6749_900mm_36in36 in1.06 yd³5VIEW
346-0879_900mm_36in36 in1.19 yd³4VIEW
345-3222_900mm_36in36 in1.41 yd³4VIEW
358-8640_900mm_36in36 in0.69 yd³5VIEW
346-0968_900mm_36in Pingrabber Performance36 in1.16 yd³4VIEW
356-4393_900mm_36in Pingrabber Performance36 in1.14 yd³4VIEW

Tilting Ditch Cleaning Buckets - Mini Excavator

Tilting Ditch Cleaning Buckets for Cat® Mini Excavators are ideal for cleaning wide trenches, loading materials, slope cutting, grading and finishing work in construction, landscaping and road maintenance applications.

ModelWidthRated CapacityWeight
bcp_246-0094_1100 mm (43 in)43.3 in3.88 ft³293.7 lbVIEW
bcp_279-4325_1200 mm (47 in)47.2 in5.6 ft³357.8 lbVIEW
bcp_274-9022_1600 mm (63 in)63 in9.9 ft³552.3 lbVIEW

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