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Cat® Rental offers reliable power, ranging from 20 ekW to 2000 ekW, so you get the right power at the right time. Our natural gas and diesel mobile generators were engineered for easy transporting and fast installation — rebuild after a disaster, power maintenance machinery or a project, keep a standby power supply or produce energy for seasonal peak loads. Designed to work alone or in redundancy, they're guaranteed to meet your greatest power need in the shortest time.

XG135 - Natural Gas135 ekW (170 kVA) Continuous60Hz208 - 480 VVIEW
XG400 - Natural Gas400 ekW (500 kVA) Continuous60Hz208 - 600 VVIEW
ModelRating PrimeFrequencyVoltage
XQ125 - Diesel100 ekW (125 kVA)60 Hz120 - 600VVIEW
XQ1475G1475 ekW Continuous230 - 480 V50/60 HzVIEW
ModelRating PrimeFrequencyVoltage
XQ230T4F182 ekW (228 kVA)60 Hz120 - 600VVIEW
XQ35 - Diesel27 ekW (35 kVA)60 Hz120 - 600VVIEW
XQ425 - Diesel340 ekW (425 kVA)50/60 Hz120 - 600VVIEW
XQ570 - Diesel455 ekW (568 kVA)60 Hz120 - 600VVIEW
XQ60 Tier 4 Final47.5 ekW (60 kVA)60 Hz120 - 600VVIEW
XQC1200 - Diesel1150kW (1438 kVA) Continuous50/60 Hz230 - 480 VVIEW
XQC1600 - Diesel1515 ekW (1893 kVA) Continuous50/60 Hz230 - 480 VVIEW
ModelPrime RatingFrequencyStandby Run Time (Full Load)
XQE20 - Diesel20 kVA (16 kW) Prime50/60 Hz7.3 HoursVIEW
ModelWeight - With Lube Oil And CoolantRating PrimeFrequency
XQP100 - Diesel4469 lb100 kVA50/60 HzVIEW
ModelRating PrimeFrequencyVoltage
XQP1100 - Diesel1100 kVA50/60 Hz127 - 480 VVIEW
XQP150 - Diesel150 kVA50/60 Hz127 - 480 VVIEW
XQP275 - Diesel275 kVA50/60 Hz127 - 480 VVIEW
XQP30 - Diesel30 kVa50/60 Hz127 - 480 VVIEW
ModelRating PrimeWeight - With Lube Oil And CoolantFrequency
XQP300 - Diesel300 kVA8553 lb50/60 HzVIEW
XQP500 - Diesel500 kVA13176 lb50/60 HzVIEW
ModelRating PrimeFrequencyVoltage
XQP60 - Diesel60 kVA50/60 Hz127 - 480 VVIEW

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