New | D3K2 Track-Type Tractor

D3K2 Track-Type Tractor

Engine ModelCat C4.4 ACERT
Power - Net80 HP
Displacement269 in³
Bore4.13 in
Stroke5 in
NoteEngine meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249/EEC 80/126980 HP
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - SAE J134980 HP
Drive Pumps1
Maximum Travel Speed - Forward5.6 mile/h
Maximum Travel Speed - Reverse6.2 mile/h
Relief Valve Settings7033 psi
Track Motors2
Operating Weight - XL17465 lb
Operating Weight - LGP18442 lb
NoteSpecs are for machine equipped with dozer blade, canopy ROPS, back-up alarm, operator, coolant, lubricants and full fuel tank.
Operating Weight - LGP, 762 mm/30 in18896 lb
Service Refill Capacities
Cooling System5.92 gal (US)
Crankcase - With Filter2.91 gal (US)
Final Drive - Each - LGP2.6 gal (US)
Final Drive - Each - XL2.6 gal (US)
Fuel Tank51.5 gal (US)
Transmission - Hydraulic Tank15.7 gal (US)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank4.9 gal (US)
Hydraulic Controls
Pump Output17.7 gal/min
Relief Valve Settings2988 psi
Ground Contact Area - LGP4425 in²
Ground Contact Area - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)5340 in²
Ground Contact Area - XL2829 in²
Ground Pressure - LGP4.2 psi
Ground Pressure - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)3.6 psi
Ground Pressure - XL6.2 psi
Length - Track on Ground - LGP89 in
Length - Track on Ground - XL89 in
Shoe Width - LGP25 in
Shoe Width - XL16 in
Track Gauge - LGP68 in
Track Gauge - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)73 in
Track Gauge - XL59 in
Length - Track on Ground - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)89 in
Number of Rollers - Each Side6
Number of Shoes - Each Side - Sealed and Lubricated Track (SALT) Undercarriage43
Number of Shoes - Each Side - SystemOne Undercarriage38
Shoe Width - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)30 in
Number of Shanks3
Height6.5 in
Weight1222 lb
Maximum Digging Depth13.3 in
Maximum Ground Clearance Under Tip17.6 in
Maximum Reach - Ground Line30.2 in
Overall Width67.3 in
Weight1345 lb
Winch DriveHydrostatic
Drum Capacity - Optional Cable256 ft
Drum Capacity - Recommended Cable371 ft
Drum Diameter10 in
Drum Width10.8 in
Maximum Line Pull - Bare Drum40000 lb
Maximum Line Pull - Full Drum25000 lb
Maximum Line Speed - Bare Drum131 ft/min
Maximum Line Speed - Full Drum207 ft/min
Overall Width29.2 in
Rope Diameter - Optional0.75 in
Rope Diameter - Recommended0.63 in
Throat Clearance6.75 in
Winch Length27.76 in
FOPSISO 3449:2005 Level II
ROPSISO 3471:2008
Sound Levels - ISO 6396:200879 dB(A)
Sound Levels - SAE J1166 FEB200879 dB(A)
BLADE: Blade Capacity (SAE) - Intermediate1.96 yd³
BLADE: Blade Capacity (SAE) - LGP2.17 yd³
BLADE: Blade Capacity (SAE) - XL1.99 yd³
BLADE: Blade Cutting Edge Angle, Adjustable - Intermediate52° to 58°
BLADE: Blade Cutting Edge Angle, Adjustable - LGP52° to 58°
BLADE: Blade Cutting Edge Angle, Adjustable - XL52° to 58°
BLADE: Blade Height - Intermediate33.9 in
BLADE: Blade Height - LGP33.8 in
BLADE: Blade Height - XL35.8 in
BLADE: Blade Lift Height - Intermediate29.3 in
BLADE: Blade Lift Height - LGP28.7 in
BLADE: Blade Lift Height - XL28.7 in
BLADE: Blade Width - Intermediate115 in
BLADE: Blade Width - LGP124 in
BLADE: Blade Width - XL104.2 in
BLADE: Blade Width at Maximum Angle - Intermediate105.1 in
BLADE: Blade Width at Maximum Angle - LGP113.1 in
BLADE: Blade Width at Maximum Angle - XL95.2 in
BLADE: Digging Depth - Intermediate22.5 in
BLADE: Digging Depth - LGP22.5 in
BLADE: Digging Depth - XL22.5 in
BLADE: Maximum Angle (either side) - Intermediate25°
BLADE: Maximum Angle (either side) - LGP25°
BLADE: Maximum Angle (either side) - XL25°
BLADE: Maximum Tilt - Intermediate17.7 in
BLADE: Maximum Tilt - LGP17.2 in
BLADE: Maximum Tilt - XL14.5 in
Ground Clearance - LGP13 in
Ground Clearance - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)13 in
Ground Clearance - XL13 in
Length - Basic Tractor - Without Blade - LGP128.9 in
Length - Basic Tractor - Without Blade - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)128.9 in
Length - Basic Tractor - Without Blade - XL128.9 in
Overall Length - With Blade - LGP167.6 in
Overall Length - With Blade - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)167.6 in
Overall Length - With Blade - XL168 in
Track Gauge - LGP67.9 in
Track Gauge - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)73 in
Track Gauge - XL58.9 in
Tractor Height - LGP108.8 in
Tractor Height - LGP, 762 mm (30 in)108.8 in
Tractor Height - XL108.8 in
Width - Tractor - Standard Shoes - No Blade - LGP92.9 in
Width - Tractor - Standard Shoes - No Blade - LGP (762 mm/30 in)94.9 in
Width - Tractor - Standard Shoes - No Blade - XL74.8 in

New Grade Control Feature Provides You Slope Of Blade In Cross Slope Direction And Mainfall (fore/aft) Direction Without Having To Estimate.

New Optional Grade Control Feature Which Helps You More Easily Achieve The Desired Blade Mainfall And Cross Slope Automatically.

New Blade Control Feature Helps You Obtain A Finish Grade With Less Operator Effort.

New Traction Control Feature Reduces Track Slip And Undercarriage Wear For Lower Operating Costs.

New Engine Throttle Settings Reduce Fuel Consumption Up To 25% To Save You More Money.

Experience A New Level Of Comfort In All Climates With The New Optional Heated And Ventilated Air Suspension Seat.

This Option Lets The Operator Easily Adjust The Blade Pitch To Optimize Productivity.

Cat® C4.4 Acert™ Diesel Engine Meets U.s. Epa Tier 4 Final Emission Standards.

Heated Joysticks (optional) Offer Even Greater Comfort In Cold Climates.

Optional Grade Control System Enables Operators To Cut And Fill To Grade With Increased Accuracy, Minimizing The Need For Traditional Stakes And Grade Checkers. Large Accugrade Monitor Is Built Into The Machine's Dash For Easy Viewing During Operation.

Choice Of Undercarriage To Give You The Lowest Costs Per Hour. Select Either The Standard Sealed And Lubricated Track (salt) Undercarriage Or The Innovative Systemone™ Undercarriage.

Standard Equipment

  • Alternator, 12 volt, 120 Amp, heavy duty brushless
  • Alarm, backup
  • Batteries, heavy duty, maintenance free, 1,500 CCA
  • Diagnostic connector
  • Horn, electric
  • Lights, halogen, 2 front and 2 rear
  • Starter, electric, 12 volt
  • ROPS/FOPS canopy
  • Seat, air suspended, cloth or vinyl
  • Seatbelt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)
  • Foot pads, dash
  • Electronic Monitoring System with: – Gauges for engine coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature and fuel level – Travel speed limiter, electronic – Engine RPM and gear display – Hour meter, electric – Engine air cleaner service indicator, electronic – Water-in-fuel indicator, electronic
  • Slope Indicate
  • Throttle switch, rotary
  • Eco mode
  • Controls, seat mounted, fore/aft adjustment
  • Armrests, adjustable
  • Mirror, rearview, inside
  • Single pedal combining deceleration and braking functions
  • Independent forward/reverse speed settings
  • Power port, 12 volt
  • Coat hook
  • Storage compartment
  • Cup holder
  • Floor mat, rubber, heavy duty
  • Hydraulics, 3 valve
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • Single lever, three function control
  • Hydraulic pump and oil
  • Stable blade control
  • Cat C4.4 ACERT diesel engine, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final certified with aftertreatment
  • Aftercooler, Air-to-Air (ATAAC)
  • Aluminum bar plate cooling system (radiator, power train)
  • Air cleaner with precleaner, automatic dust ejection and under-hood intake
  • Dual path, closed-loop hydrostatic transmission
  • Electric fuel priming pump
  • Fuel/water separator
  • Automatic Traction Control
  • SALT Undercarriage
  • 6 roller track frame
  • Track rollers, lifetime lubricated
  • Carrier rollers
  • Track adjusters, hydraulic
  • Guards, front/rear guiding
  • Master link
  • Cat Product Link™ PL631 Satellite/PL641 Cellular
  • C-Frame, VPAT, hydraulic cylinders and lines
  • Lockable engine enclosures
  • Front pull device
  • Rigid drawbar
  • Ecology drains (engine, power train and implement oil and engine coolant)
  • Scheduled oil sampling ports (engine, power train implement oil)
  • Vandalism protection
  • Heavy duty crankcase guard
  • Extended life coolant, –37° C (–35° F)

Optional Equipment

  • Integrated four front halogen lights, two rear halogen lights
  • Drive, auxiliary
  • Installation, winch
  • Track Pairs, XL: – Track, 406 mm (16 in) MS SystemOne
  • Track Pairs, LGP: – Track, 635 mm (25 in) MS SystemOne – Track, 762 mm (30 in) MS SystemOne
  • Cab with air conditioning
  • Cab, polycarbonate windows and air conditioning
  • Seat, air suspension, choice of: – Vinyl, heated seat with heated controls – Cloth, heated seat with heated controls – Cloth, heated and ventilated seat with heated controls
  • Radio, AM/FM, Bluetooth
  • Sound suppression
  • Hydraulics, 4 valve for use with ripper
  • Hydraulics, 4 valve for use with winch
  • Guard, rear, heavy duty
  • Grill, radiator, heavy duty
  • Guard, track guiding, center
  • Guard, track roller, full length
  • Screen, rear, cab
  • Screen, side, cab
  • Screen, rear, canopy
  • Screen, front and doors, canopy
  • Sweeps, front
  • Sweeps, rear
  • VPAT XL blade
  • VPAT LGP blade
  • VPAT Intermediate blade
  • Drawbar, towing
  • Mounting, winch
  • Ripper, parallelogram, includes three shanks and teeth
  • Control, ripper
  • Control, winch
  • Control, ripper and winch
  • Installation, AccuGrade ready, includes Cat Grade Control Slope Assist
  • Power Pitch blade control
  • Heater, engine, coolant, 120 volt
  • Starting aid, ether
  • Machine Security System
  • Extended life coolant, –50° C (–58° F)
  • Winch, hydrostatic











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